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They say that the great trick to story telling is the ability to hook your audience. The hook, it's the most important part of your story. If in the first three lines you lose your reader then all hope is lost. But the trick that they don't tell you is is what to do when you have the reader hooked. This is a fairly intimate detail because you need to have something else too keep the reader reading.
You have to hook them again.
Then, hook them again.
And then when it seems like they can't do anything other than read you need to hook them again and make the process so intense that they feel like you are making love to them through your words alone.
Not just making love to them, but passionatly fucking them deeply, to the point where your ideas reach inside them and make them come with the thrust of your mind.
Good writing is invasive, it's like a plague that ravages the readers mind and changes their world so that they now see it in the rose red blood stained glasses that you slowly slip over their eyes and awaken their minds to.
That's the real trick though, getting them hooked so that they keep reading.
The simple trick is to hope that your intensity is enough to make them read and interesting enough to keep them hooked.
But it's all in the ability to reach someone's mind.
Welcome to the 21st century kiddies, You are now breathing manually.