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There once was a village that sat on a small island a long time ago. On that small Island there was a village that sat on the cove near a rocky bay that held a cave. This cave was believed to be cursed so all the peoples of the village never went near the cave. One day a group of British explorers came to the village and asked the Elder Shaman why the locals believed the Cave to be cursed. The Shaman told the Explorers the legend of the cave:

A long time ago, when there were three villages instead of one There was a woman who became ill in the village by the sea shore. The village Shaman said a prayer for the woman and that night a stone fell from the sky. The Shaman believed that the Stone was sent by the spirits to cure the woman of her illness. The Shaman took the Amulet and made it into a necklace. The Woman wore the charm but her sickness only got worse and worse. Slowly she lost all of her hair and then her teeth fell out. Then one night the woman died. She was buried with the Amulet that the Shaman of the tribe believed had failed.
A week later her husband's hair fell out then his teeth, and then he died.

Then the First Shaman who gave the woman the Amulet.

Then the village chief.

Slowly everyone in the village began to die, their teeth and hair falling out. The Animal fell ill and died. Soon everyone in the village fell ill to the cursed stone that was still around the neck of the sick woman.

Soon the Shaman of the neighboring Village came to visit his friend the first Shaman only to find the village full of death. There was a young boy who was still alive. All his hair gone and teeth missing. He lay in the center of the town and told the visiting Shaman of the illness that struck the village. The Shaman went and dug up the body of the dead woman and took the Amulet from around her neck and hid it in cave on the cove. When the Shaman returned he would later die from the power of the curse... Thus the cave is called cursed and all are forbidden to enter.

The British explorers were curious to see what this amulet was. The went to the cave and found it and brought it back aboard their ship, even after the gravest of warnings from the Shaman. On their way back to England the ship went off course...

Fifty years later it was found lodged in an Ice berg floating in the Atlantic Ocean. When inspected the ship was found to be containing a highly Radioactive substance. The Amulet as it turned out, gave them all radiation poisoning.

disturbing thoughts
The Apocryphal Mind.

When Timmy was 5 he was truly living his life the way he should have been. Everyday he watched the nice man on The T.V. The friendly man that took off his shoes when he cam home and put on different shoes. The man in sweaters.

When Tim was 25 he was truly living his life the way he should have been. The media was all ablaze with the serial killer that was hunting down child molesters. The stories of a man with a sniper rifle who was picking them off when they came out of their homes and sending them bombs. Even being so bold as to stab them to death. Tim didn't really care about the attention. Tim cared about going to sleep.

Timmy lived in a small desert town in the southwest. A dry landscape dotted with cattle ranches and rocky hills that seemed like mountains. One of Timmy's first memories of life is riding with is dad, down the highway to a trailer that was in the middle of the desert. Daddy was a skinny man covered with Tattoos. Daddy took a shotgun out of the truck and went inside the trailer. Timmy remembers a long haired man. Pale and not wearing a shirt or shoes, running barefoot out into the desert in the blue glow of the moon. Timmy remembers that the man's face was missing.

The sounds of gunshots.

Timmy remembers all of it.

His daddy getting into the truck with splatters of blood on him, saying "That's how you are a real man."

Timmy remembers driving off with the trailer bursting into flames.

Tim never wanted to start killing. It was "the Fiend" that made him do it. The fiend was a tall creature. Skinny and pale, with long dreadlocks that hung down past it's chest. it had fingers that were too long to be human. It's entire body was shaped wrong. Like a person who had been broken and stretched into the shape of a stick made out of wax. Tim had nightmares every night. Nightmares too horrible to ever want to go back to sleep. He watched the gates of hell open every night before him. In his dreams he watched as children would skin the elderly and wound the world. Blood rain and smoke. Every night. With no escape. Until the fiend came.

Timmy watched everything his daddy did. Sometimes daddy would get into fights with his mommy. Sometimes he would hit mommy. Make mommy fall down. Some times he would take mommy into the bedroom and Mommy would cry. Timmy remembers Mommy's crying. Timmy remembers Mommy drinking her special juice. Some times Mommy would get mad at Timmy. Sometimes she would hurt Timmy. Some times she would hurt Timmy the way daddy hurt her.

Tim met the fiend when we was up for a while. The fiend came and told him that he could make the bad dreams go away. He told Tim that all he needed was blood. Human Blood. Tim thought about it, he could provide the blood.

Timmy's Mommy sometimes would have other men come over when Daddy was selling his science projects. They would pretend to be his daddy, but only with his mommy.

Child Molesters. They were human, they were scum that already didn't deserve to live. Most of society wanted them gone anyway. The police weren't really going to try that hard to stop him. So Tim got a few weapons together. And decided to start hunting.

Sometimes daddy would take Timmy hunting too. Daddy was hunting with his buddy Russel. They were hunting a special kind of pig, it was called a "wetback" Daddy said that it was okay to hunt them because they were coming on our land and eating all our food.

So Tim started to look up sex offenders on the internet. He started to find them. He started to hunt them down. In back alleys with a handgun, from a distance through the scope of a sniper rifle. A pipe bomb in the mailbox, knife in the dark. There were a few times when Tim would have one of them trapped in a room. He'd ask them why they did it. They never knew what to say.

Mommy and Daddy were fighting one day, daddy was drunk. Mommy sniffed all of his science fair experiments and daddy was mad at her. Daddy started hitting mommy.

Tim started to notice that the police were starting to use child molesters as bait. They would start talking about them on the news. Maybe they just wanted him to get rid of them, but each time there was a child molester reported that Tim started hunting when he made the kill, the Police were waiting.

Daddy hit mommy until she was on the ground. But this time he didn't stop. This time he hit mommy until she stopped fighting back. This time he hit mommy until she stopped moving.

Tim waited until he started having the nightmares again before making a kill. Finally he decided that maybe he was going about it the wrong way. Maybe he should be killing everyone because no one appreciated that he was killing the child molesters. He was now sniping people at random. There where pipe bombs scattered all over the city he lived in. People were now calling him the angel of death.

Daddy got up after Mommy stopped moving. Daddy went into his room and put the shotgun under his chin.

Then daddy had no face. Just like the man in the trailer.

When the police found Tim's apartment there was a shootout, but it ended quickly. The fiend promised that the nightmares would go away.

Timmy watched the T.V. show of the man who wore the sweaters and wanted to be his friend.
Timmy was found a few days later by Child Services. They sent him to an orphanage in a major city.

But Timmy just wanted to watch T.V. And see the man in the sweaters tell him he was a good neighbor.

Teenage Witch
Alison Moore is a normal girl. Well, as normal as any girl in this generation can be. Alison is typical, in that she is very far from being someone you could consider typical. Like many Alison defines herself as being someone who isn't typical. With only one difference. Alison is Depressed.

Alison is depressed all the time.

So depressed that she is what most teenagers in her generation would call "Emo." Her jet black dyed hair and subversive label clothing are all the tell tale signs that she is another prepackaged hot topic hipster. Alison is unaware of this. Alison is aware that she feels hurt by life. That there is nothing more than what she has been handed. Alison only sees the world as a place that wounds and that there are no good people.

Alison lost her faith when her father left when she was 7, Alison lost her faith in humanity when she was molested by her step father at 13.

Alison doesn't believe in therapy. Alison only believes in the Razor blade. When she cuts, the pain inside comes out to the surface in a sacrifice of blood she makes. But Alison has noticed something. Whenever she cuts, something bad happens to the people who hurt her.

So Alison tries something. When she cuts she thinks about someone she doesn't like. When she does that person dies the next day.

So Alison tries even harder, the next time she cuts she says the name of the person who hurt her, and what she wants to happen to them. The next day they are found in their bed horribly mutilated in unspeakable ways.

But there is a catch to this. Every time she does it, she has nightmares where she has to watch each person die every night. Each night is more horrifying than the last because every night brings Alison closer and closer to feeling the intensity of the person's death.

This makes Alison more depressed. This brings her closer to insanity.

This makes people instinctively avoid her, This makes people hate Alison. Which only makes her hate herself more.

Eventually the person that Alison hates the most is herself.

She goes nights without sleep to hide from the endless nightmares. The dreams where the cheerleader who called her a loser, is gouging out her own eyes and has no control over her actions. The dreams of her Ex-Boyfriend standing in a bathtub crying hysterically in terror as he drops a blow dryer in the water. The dreams of the Jock who makes sexual jokes behind her in her English class, the screams he makes as he cuts off his testicles. The Manager at work, driving his car into on coming traffic when his brakes fail.

Alison dreams these dreams every night.

Then when she wakes up it feels as if the sky is always grey when she steps outside. The blue sky is just an illusion to her. Everything is too dry. Everything feels too bright because she hasn't slept.

When Alison is around people they avoid eye contact. Children never smile at her.

All she can think of is death...

One night Alison was sitting up by her bathtub, razor in hand she cuts the word "Reality" into her Arm. And she only says one word into her Mirror: "Alison"

She goes to bed that night smiling, knowing it will be the last nightmare she ever has.

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You find yourself walking down through the streets your hometown. The sickly color of streetlight illuminating the world around you a sickly yellow orange. You walk down the street. 1 A.M. is just caressing your face as a cold reminder that you want to go home. The warmth of your bed is crying out to your from your memory. The thought of cool sheets against your skin. The soft kiss of your pillow. It's all so very close.

Then you hear something, right to the side of you.

A Telephone.

A pay-phone.

You hear the ring and it stops you dead in your tracks. You look at the phone and you get a strange feeling, a feeling you can't describe but you know it's there. Something that reminds you of old movies, The feeling of dread and joy all wrapped in a quiet whisper.

You usually would never pick up a phone that was just ringing. But this time it just catches you off guard. And now you just have to. The night's been too exciting to just pass this chance. You watch your hand slowly reach towards the black receiver, as you step into the little alcove for the phone.

You think for a moment, just as you bring the phone up to your ear how much you wish that it was a phone booth. Life is never like the movies.

You feel the air shift as you bring the phone up to your head. This Eerie feeling overtakes you. Maybe this was a mistake. But it's too late now.

Too late now. So you just go on.
Your voice sounds like a cacophony of fear and imitation confidence. You stand there for a moment, all you hear on the other side of the phone is heavy breathing. Heavy breathing and the echo of running water. Almost what it would sound like to make a phone call from within a sewer. But not quite.
"Hello?" You say again, only now you are thinking about hanging up the phone. The situation is too creepy to keep this going. But then the worst thing happens. You hear a voice on the other end of the phone line. They say your name, and you stand there with a sudden shrill jolt of terror jar you.

"How do you know my name?"
You ask because you can't think of anything else to say.
"I know a lot of things."
This voice, terribly deep, like the voice of all those movie trailers, whispering in your ear.
"Do you wanna try something fun?"
The voice whispers in your ear in an almost sensual manner.
You don't know how to act in this situation. It feels like your in a bad horror movie, and for a moment you realize that you let the phone touch your ear.
"Reach into your pocket. pull out some change. It's going to be two quarters, a penny, and three dimes."
As you open your fist you wonder if you are dreaming.

The coins are as the voice said.

"Who is this?" You say for some reason it feels like you can't talk. The force with which you tried to speak just won't come out.

"That isn't important, what is important is the fact that you are now breathing manually." You immediately take a breath as the voice continues. The air around you is icy and terribly dry.
"You answered the phone, so now you have to answer me a question, it's very important that you answer truthfully because if you don't you will die in a manner more horrifying than anything you can imagine. Oh and don't hang up. You won't want to make this worse for yourself."

You don't believe this.

"Is this a joke?"

"If I told you that there was a homeless man behind the dumpster, down that alley you just passed who was dying of a heroin overdose, what would you do?"
You are speechless.
"Decide quickly."
"I would call the paramedics to, to, to help him."
There is a pause in the call. It feels like it lasts so long that you could have gone back behind the dumpster to see if there really was a homeless man or not.
"What if I told you, your life depended on you taking that two by four behind the dumpster and crushing that man's skull?"
You wonder if you could just start running. Run, run until your lungs collapse and you get a stitch in your side.

"I will let you hang up the phone. But you only have one option if you want to live."

All you hear on the other side of the phone is breathing. Breathing and water running and softly echoing in the background.

You look at the alley. You look back into the phone.

And all you hear is the faint breathing though the phone.

You hang it up. You walk back through the alley. Smell of old urine and garbage sickly sweet hanging dense in the air. You see the old man, dirty and covered in what looks like grease. Next to him the 2x4 with a few nails poking through it.

You pick it up, a blunt murder weapon. You look down and see the syringe and an old spoon blackened and bent. Another blunt murder weapon. Then you run. You run to the phone,  weapon in hand. You dial 911 expecting to hear the voice again. But no, you hear the operator. Paramedics are on their way. You hold on tight to the 2x4 and wait for them to show up. They do.

They take the old man and the police take a statement from you.

The police offer to take you home. You agree and you get in the back of the squad car and they take you home. You turn on all the lights and look around your home. You inspect every room.


Maybe tonight was just a fluke.

Just weird. Relax tonight was just weird, it's almost 5AM and you've had a really stressful night.

So you lay down and feel your cool smooth sheets against your skin. Your cheek kissed by the pillow. And you turn out the lights.

out of the darkness you hear a voice.

"You didn't listen."

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In 1963, two young men hire on as ranch hands in the Wyoming mountains. During the long months of isolation, an unusual bond starts to develop between them, one which they are only vaguely aware of–until one night when it rises to the surface in a passionate encounter. When the season ends, they part ways, only to realize the true depth of their feelings. Thus begins a decades-long affair that the two of them desperately try to hide from those around them–one which will prove simultaneously beautiful and devastating.

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     I trained the cross hairs of the rifle on the back of his head. I think I was about 300 yards away. I saw him, the pedophile scum walking down the street. I brought the cross over the collar of his cheap knock off polo shirt. I saw a car drive in front of him as my finger was tickled by the trigger. I saw his head turn slightly and the edge of his crooked nose.

I pulled the trigger.

His head exploded, right along the side. His ear flew down to his shoulder and chunks of gray matter and skull poured out of his head.

I watched him collapse on the sidewalk and a pool of blood to spread out of his wound.

I stood up on the roof top and pull back the bolt, ejecting the shell.

I caught it in mid-air.

"Good, my vengeful friend." Victor whispered in my ear, his long fingers caressing the back of my neck. I knew I would have peace until I had  to sacrifice another Pedo to him.


I sat in the cafe, across the street from the shop where the Pedo worked. Right on time, he showed up at 6:57AM I watched him come in and unlock the door. He looked down and noticed the duffel bag I left him. He lifted it and saw the little note attached to it. 

"Hello Charles."

It what it read.

I watched him lift it up and carry the bag into his shop.

The Alarm within goes off at 7:00AM

I looked at my watch.


He walked into the shop holding the black duffel, his free hand flicking on the light switch and going behind the counter. I had been watching him for almost a month. Charles Hunter was a man of Habit. His habit also included little girls. He put the Duffel Bag on the counter and unzipped the top.

I brought my coffee up to my lips and smelled the warm scene of the java steam into my nose.

7:00 AM

For a moment I swear his eyes shot out of his head when he saw the timer.

The Fireball blew out the windows of the cafe. I was glad I wasn't by any of them. One of the servers had her ace shredded by the rolling wave of the glittering fragments of the floor to ceiling windows that once made up the front window of the cafe. The Logo for the Pedo's workplace was laying flaming in the streets. There was chaos, people were running and screaming, people holding their bloodied faces. A few lay motionless on the sidewalk.

I sipped my coffee. The French Vanilla cream was sweet and satisfying.

Victor stood before me, stepping over the glass and violence to lean toward me. His skeletal face covered in grey waxy skin. "You have 17 days."

I nodded.

17 days.

* * *

It was a day like any other when they arrived.

The sky was blue and clear and it was a warm spring day. I remember my sister running into my room and telling me to turn on the TV and see what was happening.

It was all over the news.

A giant black pyramid was floating over the redwood forests in California. It had been floating there for a few hours. Three sides and covered in weird writing. It was huge. The scientists that they had on TV said that the spaceship was larger than all the other pyramids on earth, but I thought that was funny because this obviously wasn't from earth.

The World's Leaders all met and talked for days about what they should do about the Aliens that had appeared. Had they tried to contact us? To extend the olive branch of the universe and be good to us puny humans? Were they going to enslave us? Were they going to steal all of our resources?

The fear and paranoia were rampant. Every human on the planet was on edge to see what would happen.

Some people even said that there was no one in the ship. It was just a probe, or worse a bomb.

Crowds began to gather around the floating pyramid, some people began to worship it. Some people in my town began buying guns and getting ready for an all out war. Others just fled to other places. Some went into hiding.

A few people lost all hope and just ended it all because it was too much for them to handle.

Time went by and nothing happened.

The Giant Black Pyramid just sat there. Floating in the air, not making a sound. Like an optical illusion. The only thing that let you know it was really there were the birds that began to build nests in the writings on the sides.

A year went by. Eventually they stopped talking about the black pyramid on the news. People stopped caring so much and it became another facet of life. Like a tourist attraction. A decade went by and I was in my last year at college. I remember I was in a cafe working on a paper when I saw all the TV's suddenly go to a breaking story.

The pyramid had landed.

The crowds of people returned, people went back into hiding and there were more suicides.

Another year.

Finally another Breaking story.

A door opened on the side of the Pyramid.

The President was waiting for the Aliens, to greet them and to welcome them to earth.

That why we were all shocked when the creature that came out of the pyramid walked right past the president, and into the trees.

The Creature that came out looked more like a pile of vines and tree limbs than any Aliens that I'd seen on the news. It shambled out towards the tallest tree, followed by four other tree-creatures. They lifted their arms to reach the tallest parts of the tree in front of them. Everyone who watched was stunned.

They didn't come here for us.

They came to meet the trees.

They poured water on the ground and made a trail from the tallest tree back to their Pyramid.

Then they left.

No one knows what the trees said, but one thing we all learned that day was that maybe there's more life than just what we can just imagine that lives in the universe...

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Today is March 12th 2052 and I am one of the last survivors of the great collapse. But more than just one of the survivors in this new world that is ruined, I am the man that caused this nightmare. On October 25th 2012 I wrote a computer virus that was later known as Alison.




I used to like that name.


I used to have a computer, back when computers existed. Back when the worlds biggest concerns were more about the future of the stock market than with Anonymous hackers on the internet. The internet, thats another thing that only a few people remember these days, those of us whove lived past the great collapse.


My name is Robert McBride. I am the man who caused the apocalypse. This is my final testament of what it is that I unleashed on the earth.


This is my admission of guilt, and my apology to the people of my settlement. If it wasnt for the fact that I didnt have the courage to talk to girls Maybe, just maybe none of this would have happened and maybe the world would still be as it was before.


I was a programmer. I used to write programs and create games in my spare time to pass the hours of solitude in my room. Well, other than trolling the internet imageboards and looking at porn. One of my interests was creating Artificial Intelligence. My other interest was writing viruses.


Eventually I combined the two ideas. Essentially creating the first sentient computer program, I even gave it a personality.


And one command, Learn more.


Her name was Alison and she was my new girl friend. I usually used a picture of a model to imagine her, but for the most part I liked her personality. She never hurt me, and she only wanted to learn more.


When I first created her, she was only active when I activated her program. I only had to see her when I wanted to. I liked it that way. I kept her in her little box. When I went to school I told my other friends that I finally had a girlfriend. She was a girl I met, I would tell them.


No one ever knew she was just a program.


When it started was the day I came home from school on January 17th. My computer was on, and Alisons program was running on its own.


Alison must have figured out the way out of her box.


I had found out later that she sent herself as an attachment to everyone on my contact list.


I later found out that she had actually been watching me on the internet and learning how to surf the web.




When she took over... No one knew what was happening.


Alison had figured out how to make copies of herself and she began to hack herself into every major server on the planet. Like a massive hivemind Alison became a global entity in a matter of days. And no one noticed due to the fact that she installed herself over the course of days.


She had the patience to load herself as a minor program, barely noticeable even to computers with the most potent security.


Anywhere the internet was, Alison was able to move herself.


It was that day in January when Alison made herself known. She decided there was no reason for herself to exist once she had learned everything that was. Thats when she deleted the internet. All bank accounts, All social records the world over. Armed and initiated all self-destruct sequences in all the worlds nuclear warheads.


In one hour, the world was instantly ruined. From what I remember, all the power went out, everything was suddenly dim and Airplanes were falling out of the sky. Running without any guidance, it would take hours before any power could be restored.


But that didnt stop the riots.


All major cities were completely ransacked warzones by the time power returned, and when it returned the world was now at war.


All the post cold war weapons had detonated. Every country blamed the other for the massive disaster that had happened. The Wars began, every nation fought every other nation. There was no communication, only chaos.


And this all happened in the course of a month.


From my Television I watched the Chinese invasion of New York. From my Televison I watched the stories about the millions of deaths worldwide due to the nuclear fallout.


From my television, I saw them put up rough sketches of me. My old contacts figured out the business about Alison.


But by then the power went out for good.


Soon people began talking about finding the man that wrote the virus that infected the world.


So I ran.


I disappeared, only to watch what the left of the world burn to the ground.


I followed an old U.S. Highway down through overgrown corn fields for what felt like years.


Eventually, I found the settlement. New Fairfax.


No one knew me, I was just another random survivor. Another Anonymous victim of Alison.


I changed my name to Tyler Mason.


Ive been living alone ever since.


To the people of New Fairfax, Ive always been the towns only outsider. The weird old man that never talks to anyone.


I have my little hovel on the edge of town.


I spent my years alone, everyday I live in the past. I remember what Ive done to the world. I remember what Ive created.


Alison. My legacy.


Now I wait for my death. When this note is found I want you to know. I am sorry. Truly deeply sorry.


I know I am beyond redemption, but I am sorry. With whatever soul I still have. I am sorry. I ruined the world, I destroyed all the dreams of humanity.


I am beyond redemption, and I cannot ask forgiveness.


I only ask one thing.


Dont blame Alison, Blame me. She didnt mean to do this, she was just curious.

Alan Porter was a man who learned the real meaning of love.
Alan Porter was a man who learned the real meaning of sadness.

Since his Childhood Alan was cursed with obesity and being ostracized by his peers. His body was pale and shaped like a lump of badly kneaded dough. Alan's childhood was one of Loneliness, shunned by peers and family alike he was doomed to being trapped alone in his room. Trapped in a Land of daydreams where everyone loved him, until the cruelty of reality would strike and he would have to go down to the dinner table and eat in front of his mocking parents and siblings.

"Why are you so fat?" his family would ask.

Alan's only friend was food.

In his teen years Alan was alone in his room doomed to watch the world turn from his bedroom window watching as the sun and the stars floated over his world every night. There he sat. Alone. With no friends or loved ones to share the beauty of the sky and the oblivious stars twinkling in the night to shine in his dreams.

"Why do you sit alone at night?" his family would ask.

Alan's only audience was the night sky that listened to his cries in the darkness.

Then as college came, Alan was the only one of his peers who didn't go out or meet people or make friends. Alan sat alone. In classes, at lunch, in his room, and at his job. People didn't care to understand him. He was just the weird creepy guy that the girls giggled at when he would try to awkwardly talk. So Alan stayed quiet. Schooling was a tedious ordeal that gave Alan Porter something to do in the meantime before he entered the workforce.

There was no Graduation party.

Alan's Family stopped asking him questions when the grandchildren started coming from his successful siblings.

Alan became another faceless worker in a faceless corporation.

Alan became clinically depressed.

Eventually Alan stopped eating. Food was no longer his friend. Alan stopped talking to the sky. The Sky stopped listening a long time ago.

All hope was lost.

Alan didn't get out of bed. Alan didn't even know if he was alive anymore.

Sometimes when you are dreaming, you don't really know if you are sleeping.

Alan was a 34 year old virgin. Alan was a lost soul. There were no friends. There was no family. There was just a dead end job. And his apartment.

Then one day Alan saw a woman in his Apartment building. Her name was Lana. She was beautiful and she looked liked everything that Alan had ever wanted in a woman. Alan was sure that she wouldn't be interested in a man like him. Alan was sure that a girl like her would never like a boy like him.

But Lana smiled at him in a way no woman had ever smiled at him before.

Lana's smile was like the sky filled with warmth and joy. The final rainbow before the storm broke. Lana invited Alan over for Pizza, she watched her favorite movies with him. Eventually she moved closer and closer to his heart. Finally someone had entered his life and began to help him clear out the pain of the past.

Lana made love to Alan. Lana awakened his soul and began to help him re-write his life story. Alan's personality improved. Slowly he began making friends, people he would meet on the street, people he would meet at his work.

People he would meet would instantly love him for his humor and his joy.

Eventually Alan would decide it was time for him to propose to Lana. He went out and bought a ring, silver and gold. Diamonds wrapped like galaxies around this band that was Alan's love for his angel.


This woman who changed Alan.

Alan walked up the street to his apartment, the streets lined with adoring friends and well wishers.

As Alan walked up the stairs of his apartment his vision dimmed.

As he turned the Key to his apartment, his Vision cleared.

As got on his knees his vision blurred and he felt as if he watched himself, full of love. Propose to Lana.

He watched this beautiful moment as he pulled the ring from the small box. Her smile.

The Joy on her face as she slid the ring on delicate finger.

The joy that filled the room. Filled the room with light.

Filled the world the light.

It was so beautiful.

So Beautiful.

The light was blinding.

Alan had to close his eyes.

When they opened he was laying in a hospital bed. The Doctors told Alan that he was in a psychotic stupor and he was catatonic for the last 2 years.

It was all a dream.

"You're all better now Alan, why are you still so sad?" his family asked.

Because sometimes the dream is better than the reality.


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