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Cold Like Silver, Baby
morning_captain wrote in it_is_written
-Wake up-

"Wake up. Wake up. You're my sterling silver angel, baby."

I'm standing over the abyss, with my arms outstretched toward the stars.

"Gold and shimmering like Orion's belt, baby."

With the ocean spread out before me, I close my eyes and try to see; try to see me.

"All your past and and future, baby."

And I don't see.

"What it's worth--what's more--what is it worth, baby?"

I feel the breeze, sweet blue and sugar, and I let it lift me up.

"And don't you remember why you said you'd want to leave, baby?"

With the dark and gray battling waves and feverish clouds that surround me, I close my eyes and try to see; try to see you.

"Don't look away. By the time you look away, your time has run out. Don't look away, baby."

And you're there, there with me, with everyone who has ever cared if I live or die.

"You left the note on the bookcase; the one you'd said I'd never forget...and I haven't, baby."

But I can't look at you, and you see right through me. And I can't look at them, and they see right through me.

"But there's nothing to fear, nothing at all, baby."

I look down into the abyss--those circling, singing waves transfix me.

"I can see you baby, my tormented angel, my tourniquet. Don't look away, don't turn around, baby."

I turn my body towards the sun, to ease the passage into the void. I close my eyes and try, try to see.

"You're my blood red angel, baby."

The dirt and rocks feel hot and dry on my bare feet. They're slipping now; a rock slide, an avalanche. My toes try to grip the ground but all my strength I gave you to. I love you. I love you, I said aloud, but only the sky could hear me. And I fall.