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hyperion_giants wrote in it_is_written
In the countryside of most states there's always that one house that sends chills up your spine when you look at it. The house on the hill at Black Street, right on the edge of town next to the woods. Just a typical little house that on first glance would appear to be a simple two-story red house with a white trim.

Almost picturesque.

The front yard was a cliche of American middle class living. A tire swing and two car garage. A big tree in the front yard and a mailbox with block letters stenciled on it. Two Lawn gnomes stand in front of the house like sentinels. The Big tree is jasmine and on summer nights fills the air with a sweet smell that mixes with the smell of backyard firewood.

Almost perfect.

But there's something about the house. Something about the Norman Rockwell scene that this house embodies that makes it fill the air with a bad vibration. Something like a shadow that you see in the corner of your eye just as you plan on going to sleep. Something sinister, that just seems wrong. Some of the kids in the neighborhood tell tales of a witch or a ghost. Some of them tell stories of a monster that lives in the attic. But there's something, something that lurks in the darkness of that house that fills the neighborhood with fear.

During the night, the house on the hill at black street was the highest point in the darkened side of town.

And on summer nights when the local kids wander in the woods smoking weed and drinking cheap beer, sometimes they come across the house on the hill at black street. Through the sounds of cicadas and the wind, the local kids hear screaming. Screaming that comes from the house.

Almost demonic.

The truth of the house on black street is that there is a monster that lives in the house. In the basement of their home the Silas family their youngest son is chained up in to the wall. His name was Matthew before his father decided to chain him in the basement. There was no real reason that he choose to chain Matthew in the wall. Mr Silas decided that Matthew was the bad one. The evil child. Mr Silas decided that he was going to punish the boy for being bad. He beat him in the Basement. Forcing the boy to live there at first. Then eventually he found out that little Matthew was sneaking out when Mr. Silas was at work. Finally Mr. Silas build shackles and bolted them to the wall. Mr. Silas bolted them around Matthews neck and wrists. Only giving the boy enough room to shit in a bucket and get his meals from another.

Almost human.

The Silas family lived with this secret in the shadow of fear of Mr. Silas. The thought of him suddenly snapping and deciding they were bad kept them believing that Matthew was bad. This kept Matthew in the basement.  Matthew was no longer called Matthew. He was called "The Thing." It made him more of a monster than he really was. They called him "The thing" because the years of abuse made him more a creature than a human being. His father tourtured him with whips and beatings daily. He once attacked the boy with battery acid, rendering him bald and horribly scarred. His head was covered in pale and scarred skin, no hair could grow on him. His face had no lips, his cheeks were slightly burned away and his teeth were exposed. his left arm was two feet longer than his right. Horribly misshapen because it was broken and never allowed to heal.

Almost art.

They say that one night the boy had escaped in the middle of the night. That he ran off into the woods terrified that Mr. Silas would find him. They say that he lives out in the wood living on animals he catches and trash he finds. They say he's like a troll that lives under bridges that are abandoned in the forest, bridges that connect to overgrown roads that people have fogotten. Old back country roads that no one uses.

Almost legend.

Kids still talk about Matthew. There are stories that he comes out at night to take you into the woods and in his cave if he gets the chance. Stories that kids tell in the woods while drinking and smoking joints around the camp fires. Stories about the monster that lives on black street, and what it did to Matthew.