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hyperion_giants wrote in it_is_written
I fell asleep like I usually do. Staring at the Orange lines of the streetlights on my bedroom floor. Right before I sleep I usually see the orange lines look the outline of a door.

In my dreams I rise out of bed and slip out from under the covers and reach to that glowing orange door. I open it like the entrance to an old cellar and watch as a marble staircase extends below me. I follow it down and reach a hallway. Once I set foot in the hallway the stairs behind me are gone. I don't worry because I don't need them anymore. The hallway is a pale ashy gray that looks like it's been aged. I can't smell anything. I follow the path until I find myself meeting a hooded figure in a long black cloak holding a lantern.

I smell Grass. Freshly cut green grass.

The Hooded Figure takes me down a hallway to a round room with three doors. One door is open, through it I see a field of tall green grass and wild flowers. The sun is at noon and I feel a cool breeze through the door. I know that if I go through that door I can have a beautiful dream.

One door has a question mark on it. It's old and made of wood. I know if I go through that door I'll have a terrible nightmare.

Then the last door has a question mark on it too, but this door made of the same ashy gray as the walls of the hallway. The Hooded figure stands by this door. This is the door I have to go through.

I feel myself twist the knob and I walk inside. There is only a sidewalk in darkness. I start walking and begin to notice that starlight is illuminating the sidewalk I'm on. as I walk I realize that the sidewalk I'm on is actually floating in space.

I walk until I reach a platform that's at the end of the flying sidewalk. It's a park floating in space. I walk there and see my Father.

He tells me that he died in a car accident in Denver. I don't want to believe him. But I do. He tells me that he loves me and that he is very proud. We hug and say goodbye.

I wake up.

The phone is Ringing.

my Mother on the other line, she's already crying.

I already know what she is going to say.


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